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makers of fine digital media since the turn of the century

Our Mission

To supply and support creative electronics.


Company Profile

Banook.Com is a creative hive. We take our name from Lake Banook, on which we are situated, in picturesque Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Since amalgamation, we are also now part of the Halifax Regional Municipality. We are a major Atlantic port and so dealing with the rest of the world, for us, is "business as usual". To that end, we have operations and dealings with a number of locations in Canada and the U.S, as well as Europe - serviced from our offices in Aarhus, Denmark.

What we are about is projects and products.

Some appropriate keywords might be: Internet, e-commerce, digital media, multimedia, bandwidth, networks, security, privacy and communications. Our backgrounds are in technology, communications and the creative arts. Over the years, we have worked with people as diverse as Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, Peter Gabriel and Stan Rogers.

We are an outsource. We plug directly into companies in order to provide them with as much ( or as little ) service as they may require, when they require it, and when they can afford it. That service may take the form of building a Web Site for them, enriching it with audio, video or animation, or enabling their existing site to achieve a much higher level of "traffic".

If it involves the Internet or communications, think of us as a general contractor.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

On Time, Within Budget 

Contact Information

Telephone :
01 (902) 458-2451

Fax :
02 (707) 897-1571

Postal address :
21 micmac blvd. p.o. box 24074

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3A 4T4

Electronic mail :    

General Information: info@banook.com
Sales: sales@banook.com
Customer Support: support@banook.com
Webmaster: drbob@banook.com


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